Brain Science

Brain Science is a science through which one can use the brain at fullest. Knowing all the major functions of brain and using the brain as an instrument in life and life can be a super life. 

Since childhood we have been trained on various skills. We have learnt how to hold a spoon, how to use pen or how to ride a bike or how to drive a car! All instruments we know are used to make life easy and fast but only then when we know how to use that instrument. So what about the greatest computer of the world that is the brain. Are we able to use our brain with his all functions properly? How to drive our brain? That is brain science.

Brain science enables us to use our brain like that by getting trained over it. Activating Multiple intelligence, developing many useful skills and using many superlative activities which can be performed by our brain easily only when we are trained on brain science. The biggest search is always search for success and that’s what everyone is running after,  but success is what? When your learning becomes productive. So learning is must. And learning becomes easy with the help of brain science. From a student to a successful personality,  the journey is driven by the brain.  And brain science translates the brain into a trained brain which gets you an easy but powerful life.

Vinod Sharma is renowned and argubaly the Best Memory Trainer and an expert in Brain Science. You will also like to read The Vinod Sharma Show – A Brain Science Workshop



About Vinod Sharma

Vinod Sharma is Guinness World Record holder, internationally awarded and renowned as Brain Science Expert and is one of the Best Educational Celebrity Speaker in India.

Also follow him on official facebook page of Vinod Sharma. Vinod Sharma is arguably best Memory Expert and Trainer in India and holds Guinness World Records as well as India Book of Records in different categories.

About Vinod Sharma

He has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops on Memory Techniques, Lifestyle diseases and motivation. He has years of experience as corporate trainer and has served companies like NIS, Sparta, Future, Group and Max India as a corporate trainer. He has addressed more than 5 Lac trainees. and has written column “Mind it” for Rajasthan Patrika. He has also appeared on India TV and Big 92.7 FM. He holds Guinness World Record in Memory Training.

He is a Shiksha Shastri- B.Ed., and has done M.A. in Psychology. He has more than 7 year of experience of Corporate Training. He has been working in the field of Brain Science and its development for the last 12 years. He is also a renowned mimicry artist and able to do mimicry in 256 voices for which he holds a national record as well.

He is also highly acclaimed motivational speaker in corporate circles. He is a writer and columnist, his column MIND IT has been a well acclaimed regular weekly article in Rajasthan Patrika. Many of his writings have been published as cover stories in leading newspapers. He received the “Best Mind and Mnemonic Trainer Award’ in 2016 and set a position in “Record of Decade” in India book of Records 2016.

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Vinod Sharma is currently serving as Chief Distribution Officer at The Brainywood. Brainywood in association with Taxway Group facilitates Memory Training to students all over India. Their authorized centres are a profitable business venture with proven records and testimonials.

Vinod Sharma also officially represents India Book of Records for Rajasthan State.

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